Harkaway Hills College is an independent school teaching the Catholic faith. The College is a project of the Parents for Education (PARED) Victoria Foundation, and is founded on the principles that parents are the primary educators for their children. We pride ourselves in our quality academic curriculum, religious education, personalised learning through a mentor system, and an emphasis on virtue education.

The School is currently co-education from Prep-Year 5, and will be moving into the registration of a single-sex girls High School in 2022. Enrolments are now open for Prep-Year 6 for 2021.

Open Days for Harkaway Hills College are currently on hold given the current COVID-19 restrictions.

For those who have enquiries about the College, we invite you to book a Personal Online Q&A Session with our Principal Mrs Mary Broadsmith. Please contact the School Office to make an appointment: info@harkawayhills.vic.edu.au.