An enrolment fee of $300 per family is payable upon acceptance of an offer of a place at Harkaway Hills College (HHC). The enrolment fee is non-refundable. The fee covers processing and administrative costs of the admissions process.



ClassAnnual Tuition Fees
Pre-Prep $5,460
Foundation $8,689
Primary (Year 1 - 6) $9,655
Secondary (Year 7 - 10) $10,374

The Tuition Fee includes:

  • Excursions and incursions
  • Textbooks, stationery items, and other curriculum materials required for all academic programs.
  • Other equipment utilised by the College such as technology, arts, music and sports supplies.
  • A portion for capital purchases.
  • One voucher for a parenting course run by Family Education Australia.

Items not included:

  • School camps
  • Extra-curricular activities that will be offered to students on an optional (not mandatory) basis. These activities will be communicated to parents in advance as they become available. Parents will have the option of selecting activities that they wish their child to participate in. Note: Extra- curricular activities are generally offered out of school hours.
  • Medical expenses incurred by the school on behalf of the student.
  • Damaged/lost library books or school items.
  • College uniform including sports uniform, college bag and sun hat.
  • Elective subjects (Year 7 onwards)



Sibling discounts will apply when children are enrolled concurrently in PARED Victoria Ltd schools.

  • 2nd child 25% discount
  • 3rd child 50% discount
  • 4th child 75% discount
  • 5th and subsequent child 100% discount

Please note that the sibling discount does not apply to fees for children in Pre-Prep.


Payment Options

Yearly in advance via BPAY
A discount of 5% is applied for a year’s fee paid in advance prior to the commencement of Term 1.

Termly via Edstart Plus
With Edstart, you can spread your school fees into weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, as well as extending payments over a longer period. There are no fees or credit checks when using Edstart Plus to pay your HHC school fees. Please visit https://edstart.com.au/harkawayhills for more information.

Please note that in providing information about Edstart, HHC is not providing any recommendation, brokering or advice services. HHC does not receive referral fees, commissions or any other remuneration from Edstart.

Edstart Fee Calculator