Harkaway Hills College is the latest school to open with the support of the PARED Foundation who have started four schools across NSW over the past 30 years.

What makes Harkaway Hills exceptional is our unique system of personalised education that assists parents as the primary educators of their children and supports each student to be the best person he or she can be. Our motto says a great deal about our ethos: Veritas et Virtus. “Truth and Virtue.”

Harkaway Hills has commenced with children in their first years of schooling in order that their parents and the school can begin to work on character development from the outset. They can commence their schooling with the understanding that their family’s mentor is working closely with their parents to help them be the best person they can be.

The intimate environment in the first years of Harkaway Hills’ foundation can also give us a wonderful opportunity to give each child the academic focus that they deserve. We are working with tried and true methods to ensure that crucial steps in early literacy are made by every child.


Frank Monagle discusses Academics at Harkaway Hills College


About Frank Monagle

Frank and his wife Virginia are among the founders of the PARED Foundation, which began in 1982. The Foundation was set up to assist parents in practical ways that, to this day, is not surpassed in Australia.

The schools of PARED Foundation focus on:

  • Parents as the primary educators of their children
  • Virtue based education
  • Harmony between the values taught to children at home and at school (via the tutorial/mentoring system)
  • Catholic religious education to help each child live as a child of God

Since 1982, Frank has been the principal of two of the PARED schools in Sydney, for a period of 18 years in total. Frank has also been a tutor and science teacher for many years.

Frank also sits on the board of OIDEL, “International Organization for the Development of Freedom of Education”. The primary objective of OIDEL is the promotion of parents’ right to choose the type of education that suits their family. Created in 1985, by 40 political personalities, educational experts and parents. It has consultative status with the United Nations, UNESCO and the European Council, and collaborates with the European Union and international non-governmental organisations.