If you are interested in sending your child to Harkaway Hills College, please attend an Open Day, where we will provide you with information packs and arrange a meeting with our Principal. To find out more please contact (03) 9796 9821 or fill out the online form to the left.

Open Days 2021

Term 1:

Monday 15th February, 10.30am (Week 3)

Monday 15th March, 10.30am (Week 7)


Term 2:

Monday 3rd May, 10.30am (Week 3)

Friday 28st May, 10.30am (Week 6)


Term 3:

Monday 26th July, 10.30am (Week 3)

Monday 16th August, 10.30am (Week 6)

Friday 3rd September, 10.30am (Week 8)


Term 4:

Monday 11th October, 10.30am (Week 2)

Monday 8th November, 10.30am (Week 6)

Registration of Interest

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