Foundation to Year 6

The Curriculum in Foundation through to Year 6 at Harkaway Hills is aligned to the Victorian Board of Studies Syllabuses and covers the mandatory Essential Learning Areas. The study of Spanish and Religion, as well as the Human Virtues Program, further enhance students’ learning. The use of technology is integrated through the curriculum.



Using the Spalding method – a multi-sensory, phonics based approach to literacy – students learn to read, spell and write. This gives students a great head start in all future studies. Reading is encouraged and students are enriched by reading of carefully chosen literature. Information literacy, communication skills and library studies are integrated throughout the English program.


A range of approaches and resources are used in conjunction with online aids. There is an emphasis on problem-solving.


Science and Technology

Students learn about built environments, information and communication, living things, energy, space and time. Students are taught to use technology responsibly and effectively. There is an emphasis on hands-on experience, designing and investigating.


Human Society and Its Environment

Students develop their understandings of Australia’s history and geography and the social, cultural, economic and political lives of its people. This extends in later years to help students understand their place in the progress of western civilisation.


Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

With a strong emphasis on character development and a thorough grounding in good nutrition and physical exercise, students are encouraged to develop an understanding of how to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life.


Creative Arts

Harkaway Hill’s curriculum offers many opportunities for personal expression, creativity, imagination, and the awakening of the aesthetic sense. Drama and dance are integrated into the curriculum and visual arts and music have individual programs of learning. There is extensive enrichment through choir groups and ensembles, percussion and recorder groups and performance opportunities.



Students have the opportunity to develop and deepen their understanding of the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, the sacraments and traditions of the Catholic Church. They are taught the value of prayer and a personal relationship with God in their daily life.