Harkaway Hills College looks forward to opening the first secondary year level at the College in 2022 (subject to VRQA approval). Parents of girls currently in Year 6 have the opportunity to be pioneers of a new High School that combines character education and academic excellence.

Harkaway Hills College Principal Mary Broadsmith said the College is excited to offer a complete P-12 education for our students in the years ahead. 

“Secondary education at Harkaway Hills College will be an enriching opportunity for students to develop a love of learning and strive for what is good, true and beautiful,” she said.

The College vision is a happy and vibrant school with a system of personalised education seeking to integrate the pursuit of academic excellence and the acquisition of skills alongside the development of each student’s character. Students are challenged to live a life of faith and develop a passion for leading future change toward a more just and human society.

At Harkaway Hills College, one of the core beliefs is that students benefit most when there is harmony between their two major learning environments: home and school. 

The PARED model encourages parents to be active participants in all aspects of their child’s development by supporting their parenting role through an ongoing programme of personal enrichment activities.

The Personalised Mentoring System, pioneered in Australia by PARED, ensures that each child is encouraged to become the best person he or she can be. Parents, staff and students work as a united team to pursue academic success and character growth with a commitment to service and a life of faith.

Students are encouraged to seek the true, the good and the beautiful as they strive for excellence across all disciplines. This pursuit is supported by a thorough education in virtue across all year levels to develop confident young women of strong character and integrity.

Harkaway Hills College is currently accepting expressions of interest for girls entering high school in 2022.

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming more families into our growing school community,” Mrs Broadsmith said. 

For more information, contact registrar@harkawayhills.vic.edu.au or register here to attend the information session.