>> Congratulations  to our Prep students for 100-days of learning!

This week our Prep students marked 100 days of learning! They were presented with certificates and will be celebrating this huge milestone with a special excursion next week. Congratulations to each one of you!

>> Harkaway Hills College students shine at Music Festival

A huge congratulations to Christine Silva (Grade 4), Julianna Avila (Grade 4), Sophie Thomas (Grade 3) and Valeria Castro (Grade 3) who participated as vocalists in the 2019 Monash Youth Music Festival over the weekend, accompanied by Harkaway Hills College music teacher Mrs Johanna Chavez. It took incredible courage to perform in their first ever competition, we are so proud of each one of you. We can’t wait to see many more performances in the years ahead.

We wish Grace Sudjono (Grade 4) all the best as she prepares for the Festival piano competition on Saturday 10 August. We are also looking forward to seeing the members of the Harkaway Hills College Grade 2-4 Choir participate in our school’s first ever choir competition on Monday 19 August at Monash University. What a moment in history!

>> Unpacking Australian History with Year 2/3/4 Boys

Well done to the students in Year 2/3/4 Boys who created and presented excellent projects on significant decades in Australian History. Every student went above and beyond in their presentations – each one of them should be very proud.