>> Welcome back to school!

Harkaway Hills College welcomed students back to school on Monday 25 May, and it was so wonderful to see the children reunite after two months apart. They have done an excellent job adapting to the constant changes this term. It really has been such a hopeful and happy term despite the uncertainty in which it started – thank you all for your support during this unique time.

>> Soup Day!

The Year 3/4 Girls became Masterchefs last week and spent a morning preparing their own soup from scratch. What a wonderful learning experience!

>> Celebrating Pentecost with Prep

Our Prep students loved learning about Pentecost Sunday and  the Holy Spirit during their Religion lessons over the past week.

>> Learning about the Holy Trinity with Year 1

Grade One learned about the Holy Trinity in preparation for Trinity Sunday. They heard the story of  St Patrick and the shamrock, and made triple spirals.