>> Hand made Rosary Beads in Prep 

To celebrate the month of October, the month of the Holy Rosary, the Prep students made their own mini clay Rosaries.  A special mention to Jane O’Connor for her time, guidance and support in helping us make these beautiful keepsakes. The Preps were very excited and really loved making and praying with their special beads.

>> King Arthur visits Harkaway Hills

In Literature, the Year 5 girls have been reading King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, a children’s adaptation of the classic Medieval saga. Our study includes comprehension questions and discussions about key themes and ideas in the novel, with a particular focus on Romance and Chivalry.

Additionally, this week the girls performed three short satirical skits, in which they were able to ‘send up’ or ‘tease’ some of the dramatic elements of the Romance genre. The girls wrote their own scripts, organised their costumes and performed for their classmates. The spirit of cooperation and joy with which they went about this was a delight to behold. Their final performances demonstrated creativity, originality, wit, as well as impressive swordsmanship and very dramatic death scenes. Well done, Year 5s.

>> Calligraphy in Art 

In Art this term, the Year5 girls have been looking at illuminated manuscripts, an art form that has its roots in monasticism. The girls looked at examples of medieval manuscripts, and the way in which beautiful, detailed, colourful and intricate images and decorations illustrate or ‘illuminate’ the text.

As part of the creation of their own manuscripts, the girls have selected a prayer, excerpt from Scripture or a poem, and will write it out using calligraphy. Prior to this, they have spent a great deal of time practising writing their calligraphy script. Many found this challenging at first, but once they discovered how to correctly grip and angle their calligraphy pens, they found their letter formation improved. We look forward to sharing with you the finished products.

>> Grade One Fun

Grade One children have been learning about shapes and place value. They also had fun with some Happy Saint prayer cards to celebrate All Saints Day.

>> Learning about community helpers

This term the Prep students have been learning about community helpers and how they help to keep us safe. We have begun to learn about firefighters, the equipment they use and what to do in case of a fire. The prep students also had the opportunity to role play as firefighters, where they acted out responding to a 000 call.

>> Year 2 Space study

In Year 2 we are learning about Space and creating 3D models of the solar system!  We are using polystyrene balls, wire, and paint.