What a term we have had! There have been so many wonderful moments that we were privileged to share together, and there has been such a great love for learning instilled in the children at Harkaway Hills College in such a short but enriching and happy Term 1.

Although the term is not officially over, Harkaway Hills College is saying farewell to face-to-face classes today and preparing for one week of remote education so that children have continuity in their learning.

The School community now has an opportunity to support one another by using the next three weeks to slow down, to isolate as much as possible, to cease travel and to limit unnecessary exposure in crowded environments. It is an opportunity to protect our families so that when we return to School, we can also protect the families of the wider School community and thus continue to be a safe and healthy environment.

It is our intention to open Term 2 on Wednesday 15th April as scheduled. Of course, it is impossible to know how things will progress between now and this date, however we will continue with this plan unless circumstances beyond our control prevent us from doing so. We are remaining positive and optimistic, but also realistic, and will continue to monitor the changing situation in the coming weeks.

The Motto focus for Term 2 will be based on the virtue of HOPE. It is a perfect theme for a confusing time, and we are looking forward to helping children grow in this virtue in the weeks ahead.

Let us pray for normality to return sooner rather than later so we can continue to work as a team to build a wonderful future for the children at Harkaway Hills College.