The official opening of the first permanent building at Harkaway Hills College on Monday 18 March 2019 was a beautiful celebration for everyone our school community. Please find below the text of the address delivered by Principal Mary Broadsmith to Harkaway Hills College students, staff, families and friends:

Principal’s Address: Opening of First Permanent Building of Harkaway Hills College

Monday 18 March 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome the Federal Member for La Trobe, Mr Jason Wood, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Casey Councillor Rosalie Crestani, Senate Candidate Mr Kevin Bailey, School Chaplain Fr Tomas Gibson, members of the PARED board, beloved parents, guests, staff and students of Harkaway Hills College.

Today marks a significant moment in the history of our school, and for the community as a whole. Not only are we just about to listen to the very first public performance of the Harkaway Hills College choir, but we are gathered today to open the first permanent building of Harkaway Hills College, a building that only exists through the hard work and dedication of our school community, the financial support of our Federal Government and generous donors, and of course the prayers of the many friends of our school.

This is more than a building, this is a place that will form and inspire the leaders of the future. Just leaders. Caring leaders. Leaders determined to make a difference. This is a place of hope.

In this building, our students will learn that leadership is an act of service. They will learn to lead with virtue and to lead others towards truth and peace in our crazy times.

The parents at Harkaway Hills College are the pillar on which these leaders will be formed. I commend our parents for their trust and dedication to the school thus far. As many more buildings go up in the years ahead, I hope that you will recognise this achievement, as your achievement. Without your support, we would not be standing here today.

Likewise, our teachers and mentors have provided the guiding hand as they work with parents to build the culture of this historic school.

I would like to specifically thank Jason Wood MP for supporting this particular project. Your generosity has shown that you personally, as well as the Liberal Party, care about the education of the next generation of leaders.

I would also like to thank Kevin Bailey for putting your support behind Harkaway Hills College, particularly as we enter the next exciting phase of development, including a new Administration building and a long-awaited Chapel, which will form the heart of our school as we look ahead to years of growth at Harkaway Hills College.

Thank you also to Councillor Rosalie Crestani for your ongoing support, and to Fr Tomas Gibson for being so available to care for the pastoral needs of our community.

Finally, I would like to thank the members of the PARED board under the leadership of Board Chairman Damien Burger, who have worked tirelessly to make this project a reality.

Thank you for your time this afternoon, thank you parents for allowing your children to stay back for today’s special event, how very blessed we are to be part of the history Harkaway Hills College.