Grace Sudjono has won the Independent Schools Victoria Poetry competition with her entry Awaiting Spring.

The poem received high praise from the judges.

“This beautiful, lyrical poem, with its waterfall of vibrant words, is a joyful ride through the four seasons,” their statement read.


Grace who is in year 6 was thrilled to receive news of her success.

“I was so surprised because I didn’t expect to win! It means so much to me to be chosen as the winner of the ISV Competition. It is very encouraging to know that I am on the right track with my writing,” she said.

Grace’s poem responded to the competition’s optional theme of joy while also celebrating the magic of nature.

“My poem is about the transition of the four seasons and the joy of spring after a dark, gloomy winter,” Grace said.

Grace’s win makes it the second year in a row that a Harkaway Hills College student has won the state-wide competition. Each year entry is open to all students enrolled at Independent, Government and Catholic schools across Victoria as well as some home-schooled students.

College Principal Mary Broadsmith said that Grace’s achievement is to be commended.

“We are delighted and humbled that this prestigious prize has been awarded to a student from our college for the second year in a row. Grace’s poem was magnificent, and this recognition is well deserved after her incredible hard work,” she said.

“The Literacy program at Harkaway Hills College is based on a balance between phonics and grammar instruction, as well as exposure to quality classical and modern Literature. Our students have the confidence to tackle challenging texts at a young age. As a result they are better able to enjoy poetry throughout their Primary years. To achieve this recognition for two years in a row is a humbling testament to the success of our program.”

Six Harkaway Hills College students also received honourable mentions.

  • Julianna Avila Daboub, Year 6, Harkaway Hills College – Sapphire Mountains
  • Valeria Castro O’Byrne, Year 5, Harkaway Hills College – Uluru
  • Christine Silva, Year 6, Harkaway Hills College – The Reef
  • Annabel Stuckey, Year 6, Harkaway Hills College – The Great Grampians
  • Felicity van Rensburg, Year 6, Harkaway Hills College – Down Under
  • Monica Yu, Year 5, Harkaway Hills College – Nature’s Magic