>> Gardening with Year 2-4 Boys

Thank you to the Year 2-4 Boys class who spent time planting trees on our school grounds this week with the assistance of Anthony O’Shea, Damien Burger and Mr Jack Burger. It was a beautiful way for the boys to leave their mark at this school for the future years.

>> Learning about Plant Life with Prep

Our Prep students did a wonderful job dissecting flowers to help them learn about plant life in a hands on way. They love learning!

>> Harkaway Hills College News Report by Year 3/4 Girls… Coming soon

The Year 3/4 Girls have been busy preparing an exclusive news report about Harkaway Hills College, featuring live crosses and interviews from around the school. Stay tuned for more… we can’t wait to see the final result!

>> Book Week 2019 a huge success!

We had an incredible Book Week Parade at Harkaway Hills College, with students (and  parents) going above and beyond in the creation of their costumes as well as in the Reading Challenge for 2019. Book Week is such a special way to encourage students to immerse themselves in reading. Thank you everyone for being such good sports and getting involved!