>> Introducing the Harkaway Hills Choir!

The Harkaway Hills Choir has been running for two weeks now with wonderful success. Under the guidance of Mrs Johanna Chavez, the students have been building a new repertoire of songs that will be performed for the first time at the Official Opening of the New Building on Monday 18 March at 3.15pm. Please save this date. Well done to the students from Year 2-4 who have committed to this exciting enrichment activity. A big thank you to Mrs Chavez for her dedication and passion.

>> Farewell to our chickens

What a wonderful two weeks we had hatching and caring for our 14 little school chicks. This hands-on experience was part of our Term 1 Science Curriculum with a focus on Living Things. Thank you to the families who adopted the chicks, we hope they continue to bring as much joy in your homes as they did at school.

>> Virtues Talk and Preschool Storytime

Thank you to the wonderful group of parents who attending our first Virtue Talk on Tuesday last week. The focus of the talk was Order, and the content allowed parents to reflect on the weekly Mottos that students have been learning about in Term 1. During the talk, a number of preschoolers joined Mrs Broadsmith for some stories and songs. Please join us for our Term 2 Virtue Talk and Preschool Storytime on Tuesday 30 April at 10am, which will have a focus on growing Leadership in young children.

>> Constructive playtime

Our students are working so hard during the school day, which means their allocated playtime has been so important. We are all loving the new soccer posts, and the students have been creatively seeking different playtime activities as they make new friends across grades. It has been wonderful to see! We even had a gardening group who enjoying planting some flowers and herbs generously donated by one of our school Mums.