>> Welcome to our new staff and students!

Well done to the Prep students who have started the year so well! There are so many new routines, names and activities to remember, and they have taken everything in brilliantly. We welcome the students in older grades who are new to our school, we hope that you are already at home at Harkaway Hills. We also welcome our new teacher Mr Anthony O’Shea who has been a wonderful asset to our growing team.

>> First Student Mass in our new building

It was beautiful to see the children so attentive and prayerful at our first Student Mass in our new building today. We prayed for a successful and happy year for all.

>> Morning Assembly

It has been lovely to gather as a whole school every morning for a prayer and announcements this past week. We have found the students are starting the day settled and ready to learn, and they have become motivated to arrive punctually so they do no miss out on this new morning routine.

>> Fun with Maths in Year 1/2

Take a look at this excellent graph work that the Year 1/2  students completed in their first days of school. It is going to be a great year for Maths at Harkaway Hills – watch this space!

>> Cocktail Party

What a great cocktail party we had in Week 1! Thank you to Tatiana and Damien Burger for hosting the evening, it was a fun night and a wonderful opportunity to connect with everyone before the school year gets busy. We are already looking forward to the next one.