Despite the threat of rain, the 2020 Cross Country event went ahead at Harkaway Hills College on 23rd November and was enjoyed by all.  Competitors were cheered on by supporters and plenty of team spirit was in the air.

Congratulations to all students who competed and showed perseverance and sportsmanship on the day. Thank you to those parents who helped on the day and to Mr Tilley and Penelope Eltman for their work in organising this event.  The school community raised $6500, which is a tremendous effort. 

Congratulations to the winning house Rivendale (Blue) and to the following students;

Prep Boys

1  Cedric M

2  Eoin W

3  Peter W


Prep Girls

1  Celeste P

2  Marijana C

3  Isla P

Year 1 Boys

1  Arthur T

2  Joseph B

3  Joseph C


Year 1 Girls

1  Edith P

2  Sabrina C

3  Alicia K


Year 2 Boys

1  Jacob E

2  Max V

3  Raffael P


Year 2 Girls

1  Dominique B

2  Hayley C

3  Lucia P


Year  3 Boys

1  Ricky P

2  Dommy C

3  David M


Year 3 Girls

1  Annette B

2  Bonnie M

3  Bethany E


Year 4 Boys

1  Pierre V

2  Noah P


Year 4 Girls

1  Valeria C

2  Charlotte E

3  Monica Y


Year 5 Girls

1  Claire B

2  Felicity V

3  Mariana P