Parental involvement at Harkaway Hills means, first of all, involvement in the education of your own child through the mentoring system. The mentoring system helps to ensure that parents do not lose their key role in overseeing the education of their son or daughter. Parents are encouraged to talk frequently with the mentor of their child, thereby gaining insights from the College, and keeping track of priorities in their child’s development.

When parents work closely with the mentor, the College is better able to address the specific needs of the child, and most importantly, parents receive the school’s support to be the decisive influence in the upbringing and character formation of their own child.

The specific commitments asked of parents in Harkaway Hills College are:

  • To work closely with their child’s mentor, involving a meeting of both parents with the mentor, usually at the College, at least once a term.
  • To provide home follow up of the goals from this parent tutor meeting.
  • To both attend the Key Parent Functions and other formal functions organised by the College in order to keep up to date with developments at the school, be informed of issues which the College regards as important for the education of the children, and to meet with their child’s teachers when necessary.
  • To attend appropriate Family Education Courses as they become available.
  • To do their best to create an extended family within their child’s class, forming friendships with other parents and offering support when small or more challenging crises of life arise.

Additionally Harkaway Hills parents often contribute with tremendous energy, giving their time generously, to occasional working bees or in helping out at various College functions and activities. Nevertheless, the absolute priority is in booking up and meeting with the mentor of one’s own child, and in attending the Key Parent Functions.