Harkaway Hills College is an independent school teaching the Catholic faith. In 2023 we offer co-educational pre-Foundation to Grade 2 classes, and single sex girls’ classes from Grade 3 to 8. Each subsequent year, we will be opening a new year level through to Year 12. Boys from Grade 3 and above will move to our brother school Lysterfield Lake College.

The College is a project of the Parents for Education (PARED) Victoria Foundation, and is founded on the principles that parents are the primary educators and that schools exist to give parents every support. This support is found in the quality of the academic curriculum, in the way that staff work with students and parents in a unique mentoring program, in the emphasis on character development and virtues in the curriculum, and in the concern that staff and peer example be fully positive and supportive of parents. Home and school are united. There is ongoing support for parents also through a variety of programs designed to assist parents to be more effective.

We place great emphasis on the development of virtues seen as good habits, the building blocks of character. By developing strengths of character such as sound judgment, self control, courage and respect for others, students are better able to use their freedom to make the right choices in life. Human and civic virtues are fostered.

As with the other PARED schools, the education we offer is highly personalised. Selected from the teaching staff of the school each student receives a personal mentor, who is a constant source of support with example, advice and friendship. The mentor meets regularly with the student during term and with the child’s parents at least once each term, reviewing progress, helping with goal setting, and coordinating the services of the College on the parents’ behalf.

Future development

We implement the highly successful model that is operating in the Sydney PARED schools, which commenced in 1982. Boys and girls schools operate in close proximity. Foundation to Year 2 classes are coeducational and thereafter boys and girls are placed in single sex classes.

As the College grows, we are in the process of building and developing our beautiful seven hectare campus for Harkaway Hills College in semi rural Narre Warren North. We receive capital grants from the Commonwealth government to assist with permanent buildings.

Religious education

Religious education aims to give the students a deep knowledge of the Catholic faith as the basis for love of God and service to others. Students are encouraged to practise their faith with freedom and conviction. In the youngest classes we are utilising the SALT approach. The chaplain of the College who is a priest of Opus Dei, Fr Tom Gibson, will celebrate Holy Mass at the College daily in 2023. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is also available before and after Mass. Parents are most welcome.

Academics at Harkaway Hills College

Partnering With Parents

Educating For Character