Parents as Primary Educators

Education is the foremost responsibility of parents, the primary educators, supported by the expertise of professional educators. The school and parents must work in close partnership to bring out the very best in each child. The personal example of parents and teachers is critical to a child’s formation and so educators must grow in the very qualities they wish the child to acquire.


Key Parent Functions

Key Parent Functions (KPF) are held in Terms 1, 2 and 3 and provide an on-going programme to assist parents in the education of their children. Attendance by both parents is essential. KPFs are held on an evening as seminars or workshops conducted by experienced parents, educators and experts. Examples of topics

  • The Hallmarks of Highly Effective Fathers
  • Understanding Girls: Challenge and Change
  • Staying a Step Ahead: An Essential Evaluation of the Media and the Internet
  • Adolescent Health Matters: Exercise, Nutrition and Eating Disorders
  • The Post-School Years: Balancing Parental Guidance and Personal Autonomy
  • Parent-Daughter Communication

Class Parents

At Harkaway Hills, each class is assigned ‘Class Parents’, a couple whose job is to promote the School’s family spirit and foster friendship and communication between parents, and between parents and the School. They welcome new families and assist them to settle in. Class Parents organise regular social activities for the parents, as well as workshops and discussion groups for the sharing of parenting ideas.


Parent Enrichment

Parenting is a full time job and ongoing professional development is essential. Harkaway Hills offers parents many opportunities to grow in the qualities of mind and character that they wish their children to acquire.

Seminars, faith enrichment and spiritual activities help parents develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their children and their responsibilities as first educators.

Harkaway Hills collaborates with Family Education Australia to present parents with a range of courses covering the full spectrum of childhood: First Steps, the Middle Years, Facing the Challenges of the Teen Years. These are opportunities to share ideas with other parents and learn from their experience; improve problem solving skills; balance freedom and authority; and build a closer relationship with your child. There are also Marriage Enrichment Weekends where couples can take a deeper look at their married life and how it can be improved.