On Friday 8th September 2023, Grade 6-8 students at Harkaway Hills College put on a magnificent production of the Wizard of Oz for the school community.

A huge thank you to every student, parent, staff member, volunteer and audience member who participated in our first school production. What a spectacular show! Our girls worked so hard, and the team behind the scenes was incredible. It was a brilliant success.

Official photos are now available to purchase in both digital and print version. Please contact the School Office Some sneak peek photos are below, with thanks to Encore Studio:

Special Thanks!

A big thank you to our wonderful production team for the months of preparation for this event:

Julia D  – sets and props

Natalie E – costumes

Uyen-My P – director and acting

Johanna C – music and chorus

Isabelle L – choreography.


Thank you also to those who contributed behind the scenes:

Staff: Rebecca M, Vince O, Caswyn McC,

Liz F, Trish H, Antoinette B, Melissa de S,

and of course, her dog Leo.  🐶


Thank you to the Props and Set team led by Julia D:

Joe V S, Richard S, Vince O’C, David E, Jerome & Lisa H, Andrew & Karla P, Monica S, Karolina Crawford, Felicity C, Matthew H , Sally-Anne F, Maureen & Patrick C, Leanne E, and to the HHC students who worked on the props and sets in art classes.


Thank you to the Costume and Make up team led by Natalie Everard:

Sandra – help with sewing costumes.

Fatima – costumes/ props

Roni – costumes and picking up/ dropping off fabrics / costumes

Lizzie H – hair and makeup and pickups/ drop offs

Maureen  – sewing costumes/ props

Rachel  – working bee costumes

Joanne – working Bee – costumes

Rebecca  – working Bee costumes

Tatiana – labelling costumes

Trang – working bee costumes

Heather – for helping co-ordinate makeup

Avi – Hair and Makeup

Tahlya – hair and makeup for main characters

Jasmine – hair and makeup for main characters

Leanne – makeup for main characters

Marianna  – makeup for main characters

Dani – hair and makeup

Ruby – hair and makeup

Caleb  – helping with costumes

Bethany – helping and trying on costumes Mum made

Hannah – helping and trying on costumes Mum made

Annette – for cutting up all the bits of bark for the apple tree dresses and scraping glitter off the ruby slippers

Joseph – for scraping the glitter off the shoes.

Lilli and Addie – for helping with costumes

And all the students who helped with putting together felt fabric flowers for costumes at school.


All the husbands that were left to look after the kids❤️.


Thank you to our students

Finally – Congratulations to the cast and to our backstage crew. They put in their best, and they gave our school a special memory that will remain with all of us for many years to come. Thank you girls!


Valeria C




Sienna S




Christabel A


Tin Man


Felicity V




Claire B


Wicked Witch


Julianna A




Julia K


Wizard of Oz


Emily H




Matipa N


Aunty Em


Raquel C


Uncle Henry / Oz Doorman / Winkie Guard


Sophie T


Munchkin Coroner / Oz Guard / Winkie Guard


Lilliana C


Mayor of Munchkin City / Crow / Jitterbug  / Oz


Monica Y


Nikko (leader of winged monkeys) / Munchkin chorus / Ozian


Adrienne R


Munchkin Tot / Winkie Guard / Ozian Girls Chorus (mini choir)


Annabel S


Munchkin Tot / Ozian Girls Chorus (mini choir) / Oz Woman


Gianna V


Munchkin Tot / Ozian Girls Chorus (mini choir)


Christine S


Ozian Girls Chorus (mini choir) / Winkie Guard


Mariana P


Ozian Girls Chorus (mini choir) / Winkie Guard


Rose V


Munchkin City Father / man in rowboat / Winkie Guard  / Ozian Girls Chorus


Charlotte E


Cat / Winkie Guard


Zoe F


Munchkin / Crow / Jitterbug / Ozian


Addison C


Munchkin / Crow / Jitterbug / Ozian


Maya C


Head of Winkie Guards / Munchkin City Father / Ozian


Anika C


Munchkin 1 / Apple Tree 1 / Winged monkey


Annette B


Munchkin 2 / Apple Tree 2 / Winged monkey


Bonnie M


Apple Tree 3 / Winged monkey / Ozian


Amelia T


Munchkin Barrister / Jitterbug / Winged Monkeys


Maria  D


Munchkin tough guy 1 / Jitterbug / Winged Monkeys


Bethany E


Munchkin tough guy 2 / Jitterbug / Winged Monkeys


Andrea P


Munchkin tough guy 3 / Jitterbug / Winged Monkeys


Daniella D


Lady in rocking chair / Winkie Guard / Ozian


Angelin S


Munchkin chorus / Winkie Guard / Ozian


Emily F


Munchkin chorus / Winkie Guard / Ozian


Hannah E


Munchkin chorus / Winkie Guard / Ozian


Evangeline W


Munchkin chorus / Winkie Guard / Ozian

Neihara N


Munchkin chorus

With special thanks to the Backstage crew:  Grace S, Olivia S, Lily M, Isa D, Ann V.