>> Orientation for new students 

On 13 November, students who will be joining Harkaway Hills College in 2021 came to the College for orientation in their new classes.  Students participated in various activities arranged by their class teachers, and our students enjoyed meeting their new classmates. Although the current restrictions allowed less time than would be usual, we hope the new students found the time valuable and we and look forward to getting to know them in the new year.

>> Parent Information Session

On Saturday 14 November, we welcomed the parents of new students, as well as current parents who have boys and girls starting Prep in 2021, to an information session at the College.  It was a wonderful chance for parents to meet one another and to reflect on the essential role of parents in the education of their children.

A big thank you to our guest speakers, Miss Genevieve Exton and Dr Andy Mullins, and to all those who attended the session.

>> Year 3-4 Girls Happenings

This term we are reading the novel “A Bear Called Paddington” by Michael Bond. Here is the class with their Paddington books and our Paddington display wall.

We are learning about China in Geography. Andy from Prep came to teach the class how to say the numbers from one to ten in Mandarin.

>> Spanish 

Students continue to learn new vocabulary in Spanish that will serve as a foundation to build knowledge through another language. Activities such as playing bingo, word searches, crosswords, digital presentations, games, videos, songs, stories, and the encouragement of cultural awareness of Spanish speaking countries, have led the development of this new approach to Spanish language learning.

>> Year 5 news 

In Art, the Year 5 girls completed their illuminated manuscripts. They chose a piece of Scripture, prayer or poem, and illuminated their chosen text with detailed, colourful images, mimicking the medieval artform.

The class has also been learning to touch type using Typing Club software.

>> Year 2 news

In Year 2 we have continued learning about the planets of our solar system.  We are almost finished our group project, creating 3D models of the solar system!  We can’t wait to show you our finished projects.