>> Inaugural “Sounds of the Hills” Online Concert 

Last week, Harkaway Hills College was alive with the sound of MUSIC! Our first live online concert took place of Friday 7 August, and featured 26 student performances and one special performance by Mr Frank Monagle. The concert was not only an outstanding show of talent, it was also a wonderful way for the school community and to connect as we closed the week.

Thank you to Mrs Johanna Chavez for putting together such a beautiful concert, and to all the boys and girls who performed. Harkaway Hills College will hold a  second online concert on Friday 21st August.

>>Fraction Party with Year 1!

What a wonderful Fraction Party the Year 1 class had this week! The students prepared their lunches cut into halves and quarters, and showed their classmates what they have learned about fractions. It was a lovely way to bond over lunch while applying what they have been learning in Maths.

>> Art recreation with Year 3/4 Girls

What a wonderful Art activity! Our Year 3/4 Girls class recreated some famous paintings in their homes.

>> Trick shots with Year 3/4 Boys

The Year 3/4 Boys took up a challenge this week and filmed trick shots around their homes. What a fun project! Watch the video footage and enjoy.