We are excited to announce that Felicity van Rensburg has won the Year 5/6 category state-wide in the Independent Schools Victoria poetry competition! This is a huge and prestigious achievement.

More information is available here: https://artslearningfestival.com.au/…/student-poetry-compe…/

In addition, we received two honourable mentions: Grace Sudjono and Raquel Cruz. To receive three awards from such a small class is extraordinary.

A big congratulations to Felicity, Grace and Raquel, and also to their teacher Miss Johanna O’Farrell for supporting the students through the creation of their poems.

Video: Poetry Reading: Felicity van Rensburg


After the Fire

By Felicity van Rensburg


Glorious mountains, luscious bush,

Ancient gumtrees, ferns and florals,

Sounds of joyful birds singing with delight,

Nature pristine, reflecting the Creator’s glory. 


Majestic, towering trees, cover the hilltops,

Patriarchs of the forest, 

Emerald green and full of life,

In the breeze, their delicate leaves descend. 


But now, the air is scorching,

And the wind is howling like a wolf. 

Orange flickering light,

dangerous to nature.


It follows the wind’s path,

And catches contagious flames,

That spread across the dry, thin grass.

Soon, smoke rises and embers spurt into the air. 


Raging with fury, vicious and violent. 

Starving, searching for fuel. 

Snaking its way from limb to limb,

Twisting and turning. 


Journeying through the paperbark forest,

Spoiling nature’s beauty.

Devouring all things in sight. 

And yet, its hunger, unsatisfied. 


Blazing flames, scorching heat,

Enlarges to a towering size, 

Choking smoke covers the sky.

And now, spotting its target, 


It soars down the mountain.

The cruel, savage, blaze,

Descends on houses below,

Charging towards them.


Devouring homes in one swoosh,

Covering them with a blanket of smoke.

Mantle piece memories obliterated, 

All that remains is ash and dust.  


The death of the forest stands in silence,

Cracking and crunching begins the thunder. 

Rain starts to pour,

Washing away ash and death. 


A new dawn awakes,

With a new golden sensation,

Returning to the sky, 

Smoke quietly fades away. 


Exploding through the clouds, the glow brightens, 

Fresh, clean air flows, trees breathe,

Little sprouts of green spread across the fields,

Regrowth emerges, new life beginning.



Woman at the Window 

By Grace Sudjono   


The bright sky darkens,

Sunflowers look for the light                 

Night gathers, they slowly fade away, 

Drooping their heads low.


A cat gingerly purrs.

It curls up in an armchair,

Like a ball of yarn.

Slowly, drifts into a trance. 


A widow looks toward a rose window.

Sees carolers in the streets

Singing songs by heart.


Years have passed by,

With only a few families,

Coming for a visit.


The fireplace is singing,

The kettle starts to hum.

It joins in the chorus,

Singing to the tune.


A mantel crowded with pictures,

Floods her heart with memories.

A rapping at the door,

Helps hope bloom.


Slowly, the widow grips her stick 

And steps into the hall.

Could it be the carolers,

Waiting to begin?


Songs filled the house!

Traveling from room to room.

One – a childhood favourite – 

Delights the soul.


The door creaks shut.

The widow settles in her chair,

And happily hums the melody.


Peace comes at last,

She journeys to the stars. 

Resting in heavenly glory.      


A Stormy Day

By Raquel Cruz-Huerta 


I look up at the sky and see,

Dark and dreary clouds above my head.

Blocking the bright and glorious sun.

A sudden realisation:

A gloomy downpour threatens.


Before it starts, 

I run as fast as I can go,

To the nearest shelter, 

Which is home.


I made it inside, 

Just as the rain gave 

A soft pita-pata on the roof.

Time passed, and the soft pita-pata,

Became a loud, violent storm. 

Rain pounded with the force of a thousand drums,

Louder than clashing cymbals.

Thunder exploded in the sky, 

Following in tow,

A bright light.


Hours and hours passed, 

And I stared out the window. 

Millions and millions of water drops 

Cascade to the ground. 

On the foggy windowpane, 

Tiny droplets were racing down, 

like glistening tadpoles

Fleeing in fright.


Morning faded to afternoon, 

The avalanche continued. 

There was still time 

For the soaking shower to abate. 


The next day, when the storm finally ceased, 

I rushed outside to play 

A game of soccer 

I had longed for extraordinarily.


An infinite number of wet 

and murky puddles greeted me

The grass shone with dew 

And crystal clear drops dripped 

From the lush leaves.