Harkaway Hills College was founded in 2016 with 13 students in Foundation and Year 1. A sister school to Tangara School for Girls, Redfield College, Wollemi College and Montgrove College in Sydney, Harkaway Hills has a goal to assist parents in the character development of their children.

Over the past three years, Harkaway Hills College has developed an outstanding reputation for quality curriculum, incorporating both traditional learning, including a phonics-based Literacy program, as well as cutting edge programs such as interactive hands-on Mathematics, coding and robotics. However, the reputation of Harkaway Hills is based on much more than academics.

“We recognise that we have an important role not only to offer excellent curriculum, but also and to assist parents to raise their children with a love for all that is good, true and beautiful,” states Mary Broadsmith, Principal of Harkaway Hills College.

Every child at Harkaway Hills College has a mentor to guide them as they grow into young men and women of character. Parents are explicitly supported as they work as a family to instil virtues, an understanding of service, and instruction of the Catholic faith in their children.

As the demand for such a personal system of education has grown, Harkaway Hills has flourished into a healthy, co-educational Primary School from Foundation to Year 4, with an additional grade being added every year.

The School is now excited to announce that Harkaway Hills College will be opening a single-sex girls High School in 2022!

Students currently in Year 4 and younger will have the opportunity to be part of the pioneering years of a new High School that will combine character education, traditional learning, and a cutting-edge approach to academic excellence.

Expressions of Interest for Year 7 in 2022 are now open. Please send an email to info@harkawayhills.vic.edu.au for more information.