An insightful article was published in The Australian today (10/01/19) by Dr Andrew Mullins, founder of two Parents for Education (PARED) schools in Sydney, and presently a member of the Board at Harkaway Hills College, the first PARED school in Melbourne.

In this article, Dr Mullins unpacks the philosophy behind the PARED schools, namely the right and duty of parents to choose the form of education in which they have the most confidence. It is the parents who are responsible for the education of a child, and it is the parents who determine the principles and style in which their child is educated.

At Harkaway Hills College, we are committed to this. This article is a timely reminder that the vision that we share as a school community is a crucial one for this generation.

Dr Mullins also addresses the often-undermined value of single-sex education. This is the direction in which Harkaway Hills College is headed, and as we grow into two, vibrant, single-sex schools in years ahead, we will continue to work closely with our parents to form men and women of character in the best possible environment that will allow them to flourish.

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