Our school community extremely humbled this week with the announcement that Harkaway Hills College has placed second out of the 1,571 Victorian Primary Schools who participated in NAPLAN 2022. This is an incredible achievement for a school as young and small as ours. I would like to acknowledge that these outstanding results are due to the hard work that our whole team – parents and staff – have put into the education of our students from the moment they start at Harkaway Hills College, across all subjects, and in every area of school life.

It is important to note that from year to year in a small school, our results will fluctuate with each individual group – and this is something we will celebrate. Consistent student growth and improvement over their years of schooling is much more important that where they sit against their peers from year to year – and ultimately, their growth as young men and women of character will always be our primary aim.

That being said, although we do not set out to be standouts in NAPLAN, it is wonderful to have our excellent teaching staff recognised for this incredible achievement, and also to have our students acknowledged for their work ethic. Congratulations to all our parents, staff and students on this wonderful success. What a moment in our school history.

Footage of the Channel 7 coverage is available here: https://youtu.be/jHFovmv4zcc