>> Outstanding performance in District Cross Country

Harkaway Hills College performed exceptionally at our first ever District Cross Country held today (Friday 17th May) at Maranatha Christian College in Officer. Our six representatives not only finished with impressive places, but they also out-performed their own personal goals, which is ultimately the most important part of participating in Cross Country.  A special congratulations to all students:

Claire Burger – First place in Age 9/10 Girls

Mariana Peralta – Third Place in Age 9/10 Girls

Valeria Castro – Fourth Place in Age 9/10 Girls

Charlotte Elliott – Tenth Place in Age 9/10 Girls

Santino Tommasi – Eight Place in Age 9/10 Boys

Noah Peart – Fifteenth Place in Age 9/10 Boys

Harkaway Hills certainly punched well above our weight in the district. What a great start to our Cross Country campaign. Claire, Mariana, Valeria, Charlotte and Santino will now represent Casey North in the upcoming Regional Cross Country. Well done all!

>>  NAPLAN 2019 complete

Congratulations to all Year 3 students for completing their NAPLAN 2019 tests this week. They all put in 100% and we are proud of each of them. Thank you to Mr Anthony O’Shea and Miss Ianthe Lim for preparing the students so well.

>> Teddy Bear Space Picnic with Year 1/2

What a fun start to the week for Year 1/2, who took part in a Space-themed Teddy Bear picnic as part of their Science Unit. Thank you to Miss Genevieve Exton for organising such a hands-on and fun way to engage with Space.

>> Drama Incursion

Last week, students from the Prep class, as well as Year 3/4 Girls and Year 2/3/4 Boys took part in a Drama Incursion as part of our school co-curricular. The Year 3/4 Girls and Year 2/3/4 Boys went on a journey into Australian History, crossing over nicely with their History Curriculum. The Prep class were exposed to the adventures of imaginative play during their session. A big thank you to the Drama Toolbox for running the workshop.

>> Prep Class Release their Butterfly

As part of their Science Unit, our Prep students watched the life cycle of a Butterfly in their classroom. Last week they were lucky enough to see the Butterfly hatch before they released it into the wild. What a wonderful experience! Thank you to Miss Sofie Burger for organising such a great activity to help our students engage with Science.