As we approach the final two weeks of Term 2, it is humbling to reflect on the way our families and school community has persevered through a global crisis with joy and grace. It has not been easy on many levels, but it has certainly been a rewarding experience to depend on one another and to re-focus on what is most important. All of the staff at Harkaway Hills College are grateful to each one of you for supporting us, for communicating with us, for being patient, and for your understanding this term. Your children have thrived, and I am so grateful to see that we are drawing to an end of the semester as a happy, united school.

Several years ago I attended a Key Parent Function at our sister school Tangara School for Girls in Sydney, presented by Dr Justin Coulson, psychologist and author of the blog Happy Families. His emphasis on gratitude being key for thriving families and communities struck me at the time, and with the current disruption to our lives due to COVID-19, Dr Coulson continues this emphasis on the benefits of gratitude. He states:

“In the midst of our busy, full lives, we sometimes miss the chance to be grateful for all that we have. And gratitude is fantastic for our wellbeing. This crisis has given us a chance to remember those things that we’re grateful for. In our home, we’re grateful for our family, our safe community, our employment that keeps us fed and sheltered, and so much more.”

Gratitude has been such a timely and fundamental focus in our Motto lessons this term, and not only has this been beneficial for our students, it has also been so beneficial for the adults around them as we lead by our example in being thankful. I am personally thankful for all of you, the parents and staff of our school, who have worked together to guide the children in our care with positivity.

I hope you all enjoy a well deserved long weekend as we prepare for the final two weeks of Term 2.

Mary Broadsmith